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Goodbye Bike!

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Seems like only yesterday I was saying goodbye to a teary set of parents and heading for Argentina with a big grin! Unfortunately it was almost 8 months ago and the time has flown by..I can’t believe what has happened in all that time – it almost seems like vivid dream that I woke up from this morning.

I said my goodbye to the bike yesterday and it’s strange how attached I’ve become to a lump of moving metal!

I didn’t get the chance to shed a tear, as I was showing it to a group of other bikers visiting the museum, but I feel like I’m leaving a very good friend behind…and I felt pretty stupid giving her a hug goodbye, luckily no one was watching!

Thank you to everyone who’s supported me Read more

Amazing Donations!

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I have GREAT news! Now I’ve finished, donations seem to be coming left, right and centre – I’m now just over £86,000!!!

Getting alot closer to the target of £100,000!

If you can help me do that please donate on the link below!




The Last Ride

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Another early morning and another little radio interview but today is significant as it will be my last ride on the bike.

Tomorrow I will be a part of making the bike into a ‘static display’ so I’m going to take my last opportunity to go for a ride and say my farewells – it’s crazy how attached you can get to a machine!

Anyway on brighter news, below is the link to my NBC story that was aired this morning!


The Dalton Highway

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Well, the Dalton Highway has been a great way to end the trip!

The highway itself was built in 1974 when oil was found in Prudhoe Bay. With money not being an object, the workers built the 500mile road in five months to gain access to the black gold. Then in 1981 it became open to the public and allowed adventurers to reach the most northerly point in North America accessible by road. Having now been up there I can see why Prudhoe Bay isn’t a tourist destination – it is after all an oil field, but the ride to get there was out of this world.

It took me two days to ride from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay with my stop being in Coldfoot. The fist day was magical riding Read more

The Last Leg

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I don’t know if I’m just lucky or not, but since leaving Vancouver I have met a type of people that has blown me away. Everyone I’ve met (except one grumpy campsite owner!) has shown me kindness in one way or another. I’ve had people cooking me food in campsites (meatballs first night, chicken salad second and steak on the fifth), I’ve had people donating to Fisher House, people trying to buy me gas and so much more.

The nicest though has to have been this evening when I rocked up to see Dan and Shawn at Adventure Cycleworks, a family business that give a service to adventure motorcyclists passing through Faribanks – probably one of the most visited places in the world by bikes due to the amazing scenery and great stretches of roads here in Alaska. Read more

Into the Wilderness

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After a lovely week in Paradise and a fun evening last night celebrating his birthday, I’ve just put my Dad on the train to the airport. Once again sad to see him go but in almost a month I’ll be seeing everyone again! I guess though, the really upsetting goodbye will be the bike which is being handed over to the Alaskan Transport Museum on July 27th.

The rest of today will be stocking up on bits and pieces in preparation for what I consider the second last part of the trip – Vancouver, Canada to Fairbanks, Alaska. I plan to be camping the whole way up now and with little chance of getting WiFi – don’t expect too many blogs!

Tomorrow I head off into the wilderness, armed with my can of Bear Spray…


The Latest from Shoal Bay

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Well so far I’ve done a fairly poor job of describing Shoal Bay, only because I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had the chance to write!

Every moment of the day, whether it be the washing up or bolting on the door to the new cabin, there is always something needing to be done. Coming here is not a conventional holiday; there’s no pool to read by while someone makes your third margarita of the afternoon, shaken not stirred with a touch more tequila and no salt. Instead, being here I’ve spent the majority of the day helping to improve the island and that is the ethos that most people’s pick up on and take on.

I came here for the first time something like 10 years ago and it’s great to see the improvement because of people’s free and hard work. Read more

I have finally arrived at Shoal Bay

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Shoal Bay

For those of you who don’t know, the first idea of this trip was to finish here.

In early 2012, I was sat at home making a list of adventurous and exciting things I could do in my year between school and University. The list featured bicycling, walking, sailing or motorbiking certain stretches of the world, to name a few. The one that stood out to me ended up being, yup you guessed it, motorbiking and the faint line on the world map ended here with a scribble saying ‘finish’ next to it. However as I started to develop the idea, I realised that the route I was planning to take is actually a fairly common motorbiking route, but only a portion of it, so of course when I realised there was more road to conquer…

I took my rubber, erased ‘finish’ Read more


I went on my third Fisher House visit and had the opportunity to speak with many of the military families and servicemen there, in particular the injured US airman in the attached photo.

Seth Pena had done three active tours before getting injured where among other serious injuries, he lost a leg. He officially died twice, once at the scene and a second in the helicopter medevac – to be revived both times, and then fell into a coma.

The next part of the story blew me away to hear his determination and courage in such a low moment. He woke up, looked his Mother in the eye and told her that he would get well enough to one day ride his motorbike again, his passion. He then told me about his new prosthetic leg that was on its way Read more

Media Frenzy!

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View more videos at:

Firstly is this clip from my NBC TV interview today. My first ever live piece on TV – why does nothing ever come out rehearsed in my head? But very happy with it!

You can watch it here or go to

Following that was a cool little radio interview this afternoon! Start on 20:50.


Thoughts so Far…

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Now that I’m in the US with only a couple of months left of the trip, I’ve been asked the same question a fair few times: “Are you looking forward to going home or do you wish you could carry on?” And the question has been really hard to answer – I miss everyone back home but I’ve also had an amazing, unforgettable experience!

Last night I was struggling to get to sleep and so decided to take a trip down memory lane and look through my photos starting from Day One. It was funny to see the fresh-faced version of me who really had no clue what I was in for. I was giggling at all the photos I had taken on my first week on the bike showing how miserable I was.

I remember riding into the first campsite Read more

Fisher House Los Angeles

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Today was my second day of work in a Fisher House, this time in Los Angeles. It was interesting to see the difference in the houses but also their occupants.

The Fisher House in San Diego seemed lifeless because all the occupants were at the bed-side of their loved ones in hospital. Today, however, the House was busy and as a result I was involved in the Thursday cooking class, so now I know how to cook banana bread! But it was great to meet a whole bunch of interacting families and really get to understand the chemistry produced in these Houses.

Today should have been a good press day with People Magazine, LA Times, KNBC and  KCBS all Read more